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When I unwrapped my Speccy that first Christmas, 2 games were bundled with it. One was Spectres, the other was this, and this was my favourite game for a long time.

A simple enough concept – drive around the USA, collect all the trophies and avoid the black turbos, while also avoiding overheating, running out of fuel and hitting the vegetation. It was very difficult and very addictive.

Rather than undertake a straight remake, I intend to “re-imagine” the game – retaining all the key gameplay elements, but giving it a new look and feel for the 21st Century.



Tranz Am v0.1 (2571)
Playable, one level, demo of this remake of the Ultimate Play The Game classic. Been in development hell for several years now, and may one day be completed.


July 2004
Version 0.1: One Level Demo (Nevada)


Amount Completed: 40%
Expected Demo Release: September 2009
Expected Full Release: December 2009

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