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Pheenix: The Next Generation


One of my favourite arcade games of the early 1980s was Phoenix and, at the time, Megadodo’s 1983 conversion, called Pheenix, was generally considered one of the best arcade conversions for the ZX Spectrum.

A variant on the Space Invaders theme, you had to fight your way through five levels to kill the alien mothership. Each level brought something new to the game, and provided a slightly different challenge to the one before. It played well, looked good and was hugely playable and addictive.

This remake will retain all the original gameplay elements, with a few tweaks, and combine them with up to date speed, graphics, sound and music.



Pheenix: The Next Generation v0.3 (2593)
Playable, three level, demo of an ongoing remake of this classic arcade/home computer classic of the 1980s.


June 2009
Version 0.3: Updated Three Level Demo

June 2005
Version 0.2: Three Level Demo

December 2004
Version 0.1: Two Level Demo


Amount Completed: 65%
Expected Demo Release: September 2009
Expected Full Release: December 2009

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