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Horace Goes Skiing


Horace is a funny looking guy that starred in a series of 3 games, way back in the earliest days of the ZX Spectrum. The first, Hungry Horace was a sort of take on Pacman, with bigger graphics, fewer things to collect and no power pills, whilst #3, Horace and the Spiders was, I guess, a kind of early platform game. Sandwiched in the middle was this offering.

In the first part of the game, you have to guide Horace across a busy road to get some skis from the ski shop, then back again and onto the slopes. The skiing itself was pretty straightforward, navigate through the gates, whilst avoiding the tree and moguls. Hit too many obstacles and you have to go back for some new skis.

And that is basically it – it gets more difficult as you go but, as with all games of that era, it is simple to get into and good fun to play.

As always, the goal is to keep the gameplay as faithful to the original as possible, whilst improving the graphics and feel of it all (the original is pretty jerky). In addition, there will be a couple of hidden mini-games for you to discover



Amount Completed: 20%
Expected Demo Release: October 2009
Expected Full Release: January 2010

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