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Retro Gamer SizzlerI loved this game when it was released back in 1983, and believe it is long overdue the remake treatment.

Taking the role of a James Bond style secret agent, you must fight your way past the evil “redmen” to the front of the train to bring it to a halt. If you have ever wanted to run, jump and fight bad guys on top of a moving locomotive, then this is the game for you. The original had big, colourful graphics and was extremely original at the time (and still unusual today).

It also won praise for the quality of its gameplay, scored an impressive 80% when reviewed by seminal Speccy mag, Crash, and was placed 4th in Your Sinclair‘s list of the top 100 games of all time, published between October 1991 and February 1992.

I was shocked and delighted when this remake was awarded 2nd prize overall in the 2004 Retro Remakes competition, scoring an average of 88.5% from the 4 judges, and even more so when Retro Gamer awarded it Remake of the Month status in May 2006.

You can download the game below, or play it online by clicking here.



Stop The Express v1.2 (4715)
The current complete version of this "award-winning" game.
Stop The Express RR v1.0 (3207)
The original version of STE, exactly as entered in the 2004 Retro Remakes competition (splash screen and everything).


‘What starts out as unplayable soon becomes a very enjoyable and playable game. I even got to Carriage 1 a few times but died before I could save the train – mark my words I will be going back to do it tho. … Overall we have a very playable game, tho not quite up to the standards of the original I remember so fondly.’

The Toker (aka the late Steve Phelps), Retro Remakes Competition Judge

‘Its infuriatingly hard but also very addictive … This is a cracking remake marred by its little flaws, and i’d really love to see this one fixed up. Pretty please…’

Hitm4n, Retro Remakes Competition Judge

‘Anyway, its good, its bloody good. I’ll continue such review padding to tell you that its so good I have considered quitting my job to take up STE playing full time. … It is a truly superb remake which requires, nah scrub that, demands your attention. Play it or knit yourself a scarf, sad fools!’

STompy, Retro Remakes Competition Judge

‘This is a cracking little game … The graphics are beautiful, the sound effective and the playability is top notch. The Bob doth approve.’

Oddbob0, Retro Remakes Competition Judge

‘The first thing that you notice about Stop The Express is that it’s absolutely gorgeous … Inside and out this game oozes quality and challenge. Hard as it is you can’t stop playing it …’

Mike Tooley, Retro Gamer Magazine issue #25

Read the full reviews from Retro Remakes and Retro Gamer by clicking on the thumbnails below:


1. Patterns
Most important tip – learn the patterns and timings of the Redmen and the snakebirds. That makes life so much easier!

2. Level One Example
To get you started – catch bird 1 on car 18 and release it just before jumping to 17, catch next bird over 16 and release at end of 15, then catch over 13 release 12, catch over 11 and release 10 or just go straight to the hatch.

3. Pickups
Inside the train, knives and lives will always appear in the same positions – learn where they are and use them wisely.

4. Lasers
The best place to stand when the Robo-Sentries fire is right underneath!

5. Knives
If you time it right, you can jump over the knives, even when moving in the same direction as they are.

Cheat One
Press F9 and F11 together to move to the next stage.

Cheat Two
Press F10 and F12 together to give yourself 1 extra life.
[Select text to read the cheats]


December 2005
Version 1.2: Minor update – new features

January 2005
Version 1.1a: Identical to v1.1, with jumping redmen bug fixed

January 2005
Version 1.1: Minor and Cosmetic Changes completed

September 2004
Version 1.0: Retro Remakes Competition Version

  • This looks absolutely fantastic! The original game was good back in the day – nice choice for a remake

  • My name is Piter Jankovich. oOnly want to tell, that your blog is really cool
    And want to ask you: is this blog your hobby?
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  • Only a very occasional hobby. The focus is more on the games than the blog, and I don’t even get to spend my time with those at the moment.


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