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Released by Psion/Melbourne House in 1982, this is a favourite of mine from the very earliest days of the Spectrum. This sequel to Hungry Horace sees our hero off on a skiing holiday, tangling with mad drivers, and increasingly difficult ski routes, all set to a stirring classical music score.

The final release of this remake will also include a couple of hidden mini-games to keep you on your toes.

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This addictive game was released for the ZX Spectrum by Megadodo in 1983, and is a straight conversion of the arcade classic Phoenix.

You must pilot your ship through 4 varied waves of alien attack and then destroy the mothership. The game will then recycle to the beginning with enemies that are harder to beat.

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This great game was written by David H Lawson and released by Bug-Byte in 1982. It was also the first game I ever played on my Speccy, so it seemed appropriate to make it my first remake.

You play Eddie the Electrician, charged (ha ha) with re-lighting a haunted mansion – run around the maze planting lightbulbs and avoiding ghosts, and that’s it. Almost.

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This addictive and original game was written by HudsonSoft of Japan, and released by Sinclair Research in 1983.

As a James Bond style secret agent, you must take back control of the train by making your way along the roof, then through the carriages, all the way to the driver’s cabin, taking out the evil ‘redmen’ on the way.

This game placed 2nd overall in the 2004 Retro Remakes Competition.

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Yet another 1982 classic – this time from the first batch of games by Ultimate Play The Game, generally considered one of the very best of the Speccy software houses who went on to become Rare, coders of SNES and N64 classics such as Donkey Kong Country and Goldeneye before moving on to their current berth as dedicated XBox producers.

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