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New Demo Released

As the first part of our bid to bring our outstanding WIPs to a fruitful conclusion, we are pleased to released an updated demo of Pheenix: The Next Generation.
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Update: Horace Goes Skiing

I originally started this one off just as a test bed for some of the mechanics of a game … basically the scrolling screen with relatively static character, and altering the speed of scrolling when the character was turning left or right.
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Update: Pheenix

This game ground to a halt due to competing factors (otherwise known as real life) getting in the way. It is quite well on towards completion, with three of the five levels playable (see the demo for details) and the difficulty curve in place.
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Update: Tranz Am

This was actually the second game I ever began to develop using GameMaker, dating all the way back to 2003/04, and I felt at the time I was making pretty good progress with it. However, after some serious issues with the running speed of the game, the 2004 Retro Remakes contest (the rules of which required a game to be started from scratch) got in the way and put development on hold.
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The New-Look JDGames

Greetings one and all, and welcome to a brand new look for the JDGames website, now lovingly crafted using the brilliant WordPress blogging and CMS system, allowing me to spend much less time looking after it while updating more frequently … well, at least it will once I get something to update the site with.
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