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Horace Goes Skiing

Pheenix: The Next Generation


Stop The Express

Tranz Am


Complete Games

  • Spectres v1.0 (2658)
    JD's debut game, still playable after all these years. Due to a large dose of user-error, resulting in the loss of the source files, this will not be updated.
  • Stop The Express v1.2 (4715)
    The current complete version of this "award-winning" game.

Demo (Work In Progress) Games

  • Pheenix: The Next Generation v0.3 (2593)
    Playable, three level, demo of an ongoing remake of this classic arcade/home computer classic of the 1980s.
  • Tranz Am v0.1 (2571)
    Playable, one level, demo of this remake of the Ultimate Play The Game classic. Been in development hell for several years now, and may one day be completed.

Older Versions

  • Stop The Express RR v1.0 (3207)
    The original version of STE, exactly as entered in the 2004 Retro Remakes competition (splash screen and everything).
  • Leave a comment here if you have trouble with any of the download files. Shouldn’t be any dead links because it is all PHP and database driven, but you never know.

    All files were fully checked and working on upload, and contain no adware, spyware or anything of that nature.


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